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Central Axe Throwing League

 Looking for some AXE-citement to start your week? Then come join our league! Our 7-week regular season and 1-week double elimination playoffs are starting Tuesday, May 7th. This is an affordable way to sharpen those axe skills and win some cash. First place gets $250 and the title of Axe Master!


The Details

League nights are Mondays or Tuesdays from 6-9pm


Warm-ups are on us. League members throw for free between 6 and 6:30 p.m. on competition nights


There will be 7 weeks for “regular team play” and week 8 will be “Play-Offs” with a double elimination tournament of the top scoring players (this 8th week will be single play)


1st place wins $250 cash, 2nd place wins a $100 gift card, 3rd place wins $50 gift card 


Ages 18+ may join


League buy-ins are $99 +tax/person (breaks down to $14/night)

 Game Play Rules

Games will be played with tournament axes (4″ blade, head weighing in at 1.6 lbs, with a 16″ straight handle)


Each player will play 3 games/matches per night against different players

A game/match is 3 rounds

Each game/match consists of 5 throws per participant. So each participant will get 15 throws per game.

Whoever gets the best 2/3 matches wins the game. Don’t worry if you lose the first 2 rounds – we always throw the final 5 throws of match 3 regardless.

All scoring is based on where the majority of the blade lands and stays in the target; Once the axe has stuck in the target the majority of the blade is measured along the side of the blade at the surface of the target

The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count. If it falls out, then the throw will be awarded a “0”. If a player can grab the axe prior to it falling they will be awarded the points for the throw.

When the game is tied after 10 throws, additional (non-scored) throws will be taken to determine the winner.

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